Many companies recognise that pre owned machinery often provides an excellent return on capital investment, when compared to the higher cost of new machinery, to make the same or similar products.

Whether driven by the urgency of additional capacity requirements, financial constraints or minimising the financial risk when developing a new product range, a good quality pre owned machine is an attractive proposition.

In the modern tablet manufacturing environment the continuing drive to increase the return on capital investment is a high priority. Both individual companies and large organisations now recognise the value in used capital assets, whether buying or selling.

However, before considering purchasing or selling a used machine, it is often difficult to assess it's true value, as each machine is in a unique condition, by the very nature of it's previous service.

accumac can provide an impartial Machine Survey Report (MSR), on behalf of the buyer or seller, containing the following modular elements -

  • A documented multi point inspection of the main machine assemblies, complete with photographs, Emailed to your PC.
  • Recommendation of any essential remedial work required, prior to the machine being brought back into service via. IQ, OQ & PQ procedures.
  • Final inspection and compliance of remedial work conducted by intermediary parties, prior to final invoice & despatch.
  • Other modules as required.

For the Buyer

If you are considering a pre owned machine and are - unsure of it's condition, do not have the time or justify the cost of travel on a maybe it's OK basis, an accumac MSR can provide you with the information, you need to know.

Or perhaps you would just simply like to have an impartial assessment and opinion over hidden extra costs, which may arise before or during the early stages of being brought back into production.

For the Seller

Realise the true value of your surplus assets. An accumac MSR can provide that extra value to your machinery disposals.

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