In the increasingly competitive environment of the tabletting industry, the operating costs of machinery, can unnecessarily erode profit margins.

The flexibility of labour resources, within a modern manufacturing operation, has become normal practice, in order to meet the Capacity Planning needs within a MRP II environment, operated by most leading companies.

In addition to operational flexibility & shift patterns, operators now have their attention spread across the areas of cGMP & other regulatory compliances.

When you consider these changes to the operator's role, combined with individual operator successions on a machine over a period of time, to days operators may well have lost sight of the fundamental machine set up, operation & maintenance requirements.

The maximum return on capital investment usually occurs, when the machine, operator & support services are harmonised to produce at their optimum levels of performance.

To maintain or improve performance levels of the tablet compression process, by focussing on -

  • increase throughput
  • reduced down time
  • reduced repair costs

accumac provides - on site training for operators with their tablet press, via

A tailored learning program

The basic subject modules, which can be provided, are -

  • Requirements of materials for compression
  • The machine design features & function
  • Machine set up, operation & monitoring
  • Optimising output performance levels - manual control
  • Optimising output performance levels - automated control
  • Solving compression / machine problems
  • Machine care & maintenance
  • Tooling care & maintenance

As the training is tailored to your specific requirements, either some, all, or additional subjects may be included.

Could your operators improve their performance levels ?

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