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For most companies, an investment of capital in pharmaceutical machinery, results in a long term commitment to a specific make and type of machine which once made is difficult to change.

To play safe, sometimes it is easier to re-order the same make and/or model as before, on the basis - better the one you know rather than the one you don't.

However, is this really a progressive approach to maximising the return on a capital investment and what alternative opportunities could there be, to provide a better return?

Researching the market for an alternative solution for your requirements takes time and resources, which may not be readily available.

In order to gain a clear overview of the options, much time is taken up dealing with the various potential vendors, who naturally present the 'bright' side of their product offerings.

Whether you are considering buying a new or pre owned machine, as your consulting agent, accumac can provide -

  • Resource for searching, evaluating & selecting specific machine types.
  • Confidentiality during the process of machinery selection.
  • Support with conducting IQ, OQ & PQ validation procedures.

Should you be considering, breaking new ground with your next machine purchase, maybe not too familiar with the range of tabletting machinery available, or require extra support with validation -

planning to purchase a tabletting machine?

Then contact…….. accumac……….easy !