During the life cycle of almost any machine, it's condition will deteriorate by imperceptible changes, normally caused by fair wear and tear.

The type of service duty to which the machine is exposed, plays a key role in the rate by which a machines level of performance deteriorates.

This is particularly relevant to the high speed tablet press, which can produce a large selection of products, that can range from 3 to 25mm Dia., 10 to 100Kn Compaction Force and at output speeds of over 500,000 Tablets / Hour.
In addition, the range of formulations compressed is huge, ranging from very abrasive, to those having lubricating properties.

Unless the press is dedicated to a specific product, and even then batch to batch variances in the raw materials / formulation can occur, it is not easy to predict the rate of deterioration. The level of machine performance and the quality of tablets produced can reduce accordingly.

A reduction in performance usually results in reduced profit margins.

accumac can provide a periodic Machine Condition Report (MCR)
and conduct an impartial "health check", containing the following elements -

  • A documented multi point inspection of the main machine assemblies.
  • Recommendation of any essential remedial work required.
  • Other modules as required.

- to maintain the machine's performance levels and your profit margins.

Need to maintain your performance levels?

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