Even the best made plans can, and often do, go wrong.

With the tightening production schedules, of a modern manufacturing operation (JIT), unplanned stoppages can wreak havoc with time scales, and often do for unidentified reasons.

In the urgency of the situation, most available resources are usually pre occupied with recovering from effects of the immediate situation. Once this is achieved, quite often there is insufficient time or expertise available to accurately identify the root cause of the problem.

If the root cause is not identified and therefore remains unresolved then -

  • When will it happen again?

  • What will be the downstream processing / packaging impact?

  • What will be the total recovery cost?

  • How much will be eroded from profit margins?

Most planning & scheduling systems work on the presumption that the output from a tabletting machine, base on historic performance, should return a consistent level of performance. But does this always happen?

When problems occur in the compression area, the cause needs to be identified and a solution implemented, to maintain consistent throughput.

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